What we do when the weather is bad…

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Some folks like to know what we do on rainy days. In the spring we are very busy in the greenhouse transplanting seedlings and doing hanging baskets, taking care of some of the old favorites and bringing in new varieties and potting these up.

 I took the time to clean and prune a vintage geranium I received from a friend. I am trying to create a nice large specimen to display in horticultural hall.


Great mood weather

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The weather on the east coast has been cool and foggy which leads to deep thinking.

I have spent the spring mornings photographing the shape of the trees to show how dramatic the branching and growth habit can be, something to be appreciated before the leaves fill in the space and flowers distract our attention.

Those beautiful Gothic, Emo’s and Steam Punk fashionistas would photograph wonderfully in this kind of atmosphere. Shall we talk??? Contact me if you are interested in arranging something.

I would like to make a special thank you to destinationhalifax.c0m for mentioning our place in their blog last week. Check the website out for all of the best going on in Halifax all year round.