Sorry for the delay in posting, it’s just so dull and dreary…

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Good day to everyone out gardening or in reading blogs. The weather is not unusually dry for spring. Just nicely dull and drizzly. While I could ask for a few more sunny spring days, I can not help but see that the cool and moist weather is not stressing out the plants.

We have got a problem in the greenhouse with the seedlings. The balance between enough watering and fertilizing verses the pots staying a little moist and cool for too long is always a challange.

The other is finding space for all of the material we are growing. Don’t you wish you had that problem? Here are some examples of the seed house and our growing house.

You also will see our lovely Kit and Lulu, they take care of us and our very busy staff area. Lulu and Kit arrived back in  2006 and then left for a year. We thought we would never see them again, but good luck brought them back. Lulu and I are crazy about singing old songs together. Of course we have learned to work and sing. One of our best is ‘Bye Bye Love’ but I want to teach her some newer songs. Kit just laughs at us.

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(sorry some of  the photos are repeated, I can’t see how to delete the files)
I want to show some of the successful experiments we have accomplished. One is the flame coloured fleece I dyed using dahlia flowers. The second is the living urns that were built last year. If you are good I will teach you how these were accomplished.

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