Victoria Fountain Restoration Campaign

Encouraged to start creating partnerships in our community we were fortunate to have  willing support from two great local food promoters. Chef Craig Flynn of Chives Canadian Bistro and Gordon Steevens of Sugah! and Uncommon Group are sponsoring a fundraiser in support of the Victoria Fountain Restoration Campaign.

While I could just insert a photograph of the fountain, I will do even more! The photo of the actual fountain is mine, but the other images are by two local artisans.


Lots doin’ as we move into fall

Working at gardening this year was sort of the perfect balance of steady but not heavy. We didn’t spend much time watering (because of the RAIN RAIN RAIN). Same rain did make the slug population explode. Next year….beware slugs!
Mulching the perennial beds has not only kept the weeds at bay, but working the stuff into the very heavy clay soil along with a proper dash of sand has improved the quality of the soil immensly.

The above tulip item is a good one I think. A gardener has to divide the bulbs every few years or the clump starts to falter. The parent bulb is crowded out and the new bulbs are too squished together to thrive. Digging up and separating the bulbs also gives a gardener a chance to improve the soil in the bed. Divide with care and check that there is a good basil plate left on the parent and new bulbs. (you might see tiny little root tips on the bottom) Be sure to water the bulbs well after they are replanted and if the fall is dry water a few more times until it gets cold.

It will be getting cooler, but now you will have roses in you cheeks!