January High Hopes

Well, once winter rolls into the maritime provinces, life sort of treads water until BANG- it’s time for Christmas. Well it’s all over now and our days are getting longer. Yes, the light is lasting longer and I automatically feel excited about starting to purchase seed for this years offerings.

But before I start my long list of wants, which has to be whittled down to match my budget constraints, I want to introduce you to a new project that is starting in Halifax.

left is Garity, right is Marla.

The Ecology Action Centre is sponsoring cellars for non-profit groups in the municipality. It’s part of the eat local and be self-sustaining actions of the Centre. It teaches folks about planning to feed yourself and your community and about reducing the impact of mass transport of heavy industrial food production.

Please check out the ecology action website at ecologyaction.ca and Marla’s blog at halifaxgardennetwork.wordpress.com

Garity is working on a community greenhouse connected to the community centre at the old Bloomfield School. Those gardeners who have experience in the municipal greenhouses hope to lend a hand on teaching the volunteers and community growers how to successfully operate an organic greenhouse.

Marla is teaching me more about cellaring and I hope to get the gardens interested in creating a spot for our roots and tubers.


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