Valentines Day! I forgot that I was supposed to wear red. It was a beautiful day here in Halifax, cold to start, clear sky then as the sun moved around the sky the temperature rose. From -11C to 0C, HAAWT!

So where are we now in our work? Some of the gardeners are propagating plants for our carpet beds. Succulents and sage are part of the plant tools we use to build a carpet bed.

2011 Public Garden Carpet Bed Celebrating 100 years of Shriners in Canada

The silver border is dusty miller, the lettering is done in green and light gray sage, the red body and yellow symbol are planted with alternanthera and the silver circles are non-hardy hens and chicks.

We take our cuttings from healthy plants that we have saved and grown larger through the winter. Our old greenhouse has been upgraded to have infloor heat and a mist system. These plants all respond well to rooting without hormone just some heat and steady light mist. In three to four weeks they should have established roots.

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Now I want to show you one of our new favourite introductions….Cardoon. This specimen was kept outside all winter (2010 zone 5-6) and produced its flower in the second year. Needless to say the seed head was quite attractive and a welcome addition to our seed collection.

Cardoon giving us a good show in October.