A Titanic Treasure for Halifax

A Titanic Treasure for Halifax

 This is a really nice property at the beginning of one of Halifax’s great strolls. Strolling is something that was good for Victorians is also good for us.

I always take great pleasure in walking around place where I live and those that I visit.

This turreted mansion was to be the home of George Wright. Mr. Wright was a successful Victorian era businessman from Halifax making his living as a humble publisher of the World Business Directory. The first and only such directory of its kind at the time.

George Wright was a millionaire by the time he was 30 and to make ready for the next stage of his life, a family, he built this home.

And as many successful Victorian elite, at trip to the continent was a must. Upon concluding his business  in Europe, George Wright quickly booked passage home to Nova Scotia on boarded the Titanic.  The story goes that he was not seen on board the ship as he was a quiet individual, but it has been recorded that he bought a ticket and boarded. George Wright was never found or identified amoung those who lost their lives.

He had made a posthumous gift of his new home to the Local Council of Women Halifax Chapter. The Local Council of Women helped improve the lives of working women and children, pressed for legislation to allow women to vote and be recognized as Canadian citizens in their own right. 

They continue to utilize the property for the benefit of the Council, and therefore the benefit of women and children throughout Canada.

I will be leading a tour at the Public Garden showcasing the Rhododendron Collection and hosting a luncheon at this historic property  May 3oth and 31st. If you are interested in joining the tour and luncheon, email me through my blog and I will be happy to include you in the tour. Tickets will be $50 for the day. The tour will start at 10:30 am at the main gates of the Public Garden on both dates. Lunch will be at noon in the Local Council House and will be a catered tea and with cucumber and watercress sandwiches, tomato and roast red bell pepper soup, and delicious pies for dessert. More details will be forth coming.

Please keep an eye out if you are coming to Halifax. For example I know Quilts Canada is here in the city May 29th to June 2nd 2012.

Please find out about all of the fun things we get up to at Destination Halifax .

Here are a few of  last years rhododendron blossoms and there is no reason that they wont even be better this year. Hope to hear from you…

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