We’ve had a light misting and one good rain

The weather has been cool here, but it has kept the flowers on the shrubs longer. Have a look if you are here at this Laburnum (Golden Chain Tree).

A flame in the distance. Laburnum x watereri ‘Vossii’

This other light in the respectful cool overcast morning is a Quercus robur var. concordia (Yellow English Oak).

Qurcus robur var. ‘Vossii”

To find these lovely trees and more purchase a map at Horticultural Hall in Halifax Public Garden. The profits go toward restoration programs underway in the Garden. You can also send a question about the location of these trees and I will think up a good hint. Age appropriate for young and older wiser folk.

Come visit Nova Scotia. It is lovely.


BAM! Another bed planted

Last week we planted all of the beds around the bandstand. What do you think?