Friday before Father’s Day, June 14 Be at the Garden

It’s official! Our nations first! Canada’s Garden Day!

From now until forever on the Friday before Father’s Day we will celebrate The Garden. Soooo, Happy Father’s Day Dad and Dads across this land.

Let’s get this summer party started and get out in a garden. Start thinking of your neighborhood in terms of an extended garden. And the maritimes is a place of great gardening culture.

Look at your home, school, road side, greenbelt, highway, even the sewage treatment facility has some landscape.

The rhododendrons are very generous with their gifts of beautiful flowers.

The rhododendrons are very generous with their gifts of beautiful flowers.

If we only needed one good reason to have Canada’s Garden Day it would be to reintroduce communities to the value of nature and the importance gardens, being outside or with your hands in soil, and how a regular connection with plants helps humans thrive.

This year the Halifax Public Garden will join Butchart Garden in British Columbia, Assiniboine Park in Manitoba, Toronto Botanical Garden, Newfoundland Botanical Garden in St. John’s Newfoundland in a day long festival of plants, people and places.

Come on down to the Halifax Public Garden on June 14th and help us at the Halifax Public Garden to celebrate Canada’s garden culture. In my opinion Maritimers love to garden and it will be a chance to talk about gardening with folks who work at the Halifax Public Garden. We have invited a few local characters along to add some pizzaz. Let’s talk about what you might plan to do next year to celebrate Canada’s Garden Day.

We have asked our long time friend, Neville MacKay of My Mother’s Bloomers, to be our host for a very special event on Garden day. At his mercy will be 4 mystery gardeners creating their own plant installation in the Halifax Public Garden. These 4 creations will be left for the whole summer in the garden and we want you to then vote for your favorite creation. The winner will receive some very special Halifax Public Garden swag.

Look out mystery designers, Neville will be watching!

Look out mystery designers, Neville will be watching!

We will be hoping for local photography buffs to record and share the seasons progress of the plant creations. Look for all of the details on

You may have just heard about our cactus bed on CBC morning show. It's very interesting.

You may have just heard about our cactus bed on CBC morning show. It’s very interesting.

Hope to see you Friday, June 14th! Say hi if you see me.


7 comments on “Friday before Father’s Day, June 14 Be at the Garden

  1. Serena says:

    Hi Helen. Thanks for the lovely tour signs you made. I noticed them right away.

  2. Serena says:

    What a wonderful idea! Garden Day! What better place to celebrate it than at the Halifax Public Gardens. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hi Serena, This is just the beginning. Canada’s Garden Day is modelled after National Garden Day in the US. In 5 years it has become a fantastic opportunity for communities to get outside and meet neighbours. I would very much like to speak to the Friends about roles we would like for them to play in this national event next year. Oh, about the signs? How many were there for the tour? I have to change the posting to read every wednesday so folks can note for reference. I will also mention it on my blog. Oh, Lorraine Flanigan from Garden Making Magazine will be coming on June 27th to work with us in the garden. She is travelling on Canada’s Garden Route (see the Canada’s Garden Day tie in) from BC to NS. We a part of CGR which is sponsored by Via Rail, Communities in Bloom, and others. Please take the time to look at her blog. We are a beautiful garden amoung many outstanding examples of Canadian gardening culture. Helen

      > Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2013 16:28:04 +0000 > To: >

  3. Bill Johnson says:

    My wife and I toured the garden Saturday Aug.24, and we would like to say it was fantastic .One question how do you keep the cactus and other warm blooded plants alive in the winter,we have some of the same plants in our home in Flordia??? Thank you.

    • Hi Bill, Thanks for taking the time to visit us at the Gardens.

      The “warm blooded” or tropical plants are from our collection that we maintain through the winter in our greenhouses, just across the street from the Halifax Public Gardens. We do grow annuals, some of which are great tropicals as well, in those same greenhouses. We like to introduce new cultivars, like the Dragon Wing series of begonia, to our community.

      The large cactus are also kept in the greenhouse for the winter. The largest cactus are kept in big wooden crates which we lift in and out of the ground each year using a small loader to do the heavy lifting. But, to the back of the main cactus bed is a small circular bed, which is the permanent home for some smaller cactus. If a gardener can provide a sandy well drained bed for the plants, some cactus can survive our northern winters.

      If you are interested in learning more, you may find a local chapter of a rock garden society or a cactus society in your community and of course, online.

      Should you find yourself in Halifax next May, we will be holding our annual open house. Come and see our plants and learn how we do our greenhouse work. We would love to have you visit us again.


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