H.R.H. Prince Charles to visit

We are so very excited to host a visit to the Halifax Public Gardens for the Prince of Wales. To prepare for the visit I have been reviewing his book The Elements of Organic Gardening.
I want to let you all know about how we keep our greenhouse and garden plants as pesticide free as we are able.


I have been in many greenhouses where the permanent material (like our lemon tree) has been full of spider mites and ours suffered from sooty mold and scale.
Watering lightly only twice a week to keep evenly moist we were able to provide a healthy while cooler growing environment.
Watering with no fertilizer.
We increased the watering in mid April on sunny cool days.
Infested plants were treated with Neem Oil applications, Safers Soap.
Take a good look at the picture above. All of the sooty leaves fell off and were replaced by clean new leaves. Naturally.


Most of the year goes fast but March is a drag

Winter in Halifax can be very sunny. We have the more sunny days in winter than most Canadian cities. But on a day like today with high winds, rain and I’ve you remember the purpose of insulated rubber boots.


Now is a good time to check any tubers, bulbs, and tender perennials that you have tucked away for the winter. These are our Dahlia tubers. They have come through the winter well so far but I must continue to check them as they may become dehydrated in our frost free refrigerator.
I have also got miniature roses, Gloriosa rothchildiana, geraniums, fuchsia, and potted bulbs to check on and prepare for spring.

What have you got? Do you have any questions?