So much to tell you

Lots of primroses

Lots of primroses

The weather has been cold and damp. Luckily all is holding well. Even the peony are doing well.

Here are a few of our primula. A few are species and a few are horticultural cultivars.


What a time we had!

On Wednesday August 28th, the first day of the dahlia festival, it rained. Which was okay. The garden badly needed water and still does. The rain also cleared the humidity for the next day which was the day Neville from My Mother’s Bloomers gave us an absolutely thrilling demonstration of floral arranging. Neville MacKay is an international educator, writer, and columnist from right here in Nova Scotia.[slid

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The festival was able to raise $150.00 by raffling tickets for Neville’s arrangements. The proceeds go to Friends of the Public Garden for their current project, the restoration of the Victoria Diamond Jubilee Fountain. Please visit their website for more details.